In Office:  30min/$45, 60min/$90, 90min/$115
                  Package: 4-60min/$300, 4-90min/$420

 Out calls:  60min/$115, 90min/$165
                  Package:  4-60/$420, 4-90/$600


Therapeutic Bodywork Specialties:


 The development of one's physical awareness is enhanced by the inclusion of bodywork therapies. To be touched and cared for is one of the most important aspects of being alive.  It teaches us about connections, vulnerability and trust in ourselves and others.  These therapies can be utilized to continue development of client awareness, self care and emotional well being.


 Bodywork therapy is specific to an individual's needs so I design each session during our consultation that day. I use my collective knowledge of various soft tissue modalities including passive and active movement reeducation during each session.


 Deep Tissue:

Slow moving with deep pressure (relative to each client), this technique focuses on specific areas of the body in an attempt to break up adhesions and scar tissue caused by chronic overuse, injury, surgery, or impaired movement.  The objective is to restore normal range of motion in the joints and to bring nutrients to the regions in order to rebalance the system.

Sports/Neuromuscular Therapy:

 -Maintenance:  Helps to repair fatigued and/or injured muscles tissue used during activity.  Allow the body to maintain its ability to train and compete at optimum levels while reducing the possibility of injury.


 -Pre-event:  Quick paced massage using compression, joint range of motion, and rocking to enhance circulation and warm up the body to prepare for activity.


 -Post-event:  Reduce post event soreness by assisting the body's ability to circulate essential nutrients and oxygen to tissues, promote lymph drainage, and decrease inflammation.

-Myo-Fascial Release: Fascia which surrounds muscles fibers and attaches to all structures, plays an important role in the support and functions of our bodies.  Overuse, injury and trauma can create myofascial restrictions. Gentle sustained pressure is applied to connective tissue to reduce these restrictions, eliminate pain and restore natural motion. Clients can play an active role in movement during this kind of therapy.


 -Assisted PNF Stretching:  PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is a procedure used by combining passive stretching and isometric(static/holding) contractions to increase a joint's range of motion for better biomechanics, reduction of fatigue, and prevention of overuse/improper alignment injuries.