our sessions as if she's there reminding me that I have all the 'tools' I need to stay healthy.  I plan on always having Shari as my fitness expert and massage therapist.  I am so happy I can do the things I do and I owe much of my excellent health and fitness level to Shari's enlightened approach.  Thank you Shari! 

-A. Carlson, San Diego, CA


My work with Shari has been fabulous and it has gotten progressively better over the years since we added the bodywork component to our already excellent fitness sessions.  It is a marvelous combination!  During the sessions I work hard, really hard, as Shari encourages me to do everything with correct posture and body position...then after the workout is over, she stretches out my muscles and my whole body feels just great!


Shari has been a great teacher to me...she does a wonderful job of teaching me more about my own body structure: proper alignment as well as the correct names and locations of muscles, tendons, bone, etc,  Each week she varies our routines and is always sure to match them to how I am feeling and what, if any, injuries I seem to have.  She is encouraging always - never critical - and she even educates me on better nutrition.  I'm so thankful!...I keep getting stronger, healthier, and more flexible.  With no exaggeration - YOU ARE THE BEST!!


-B. Gilbert, La Jolla, CA


With degenerative discs in my cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, I thought that chronic pain was just a way of life.  After working with Shari for 6 months, I realized my mobility had increased and my pain and decreased!  I'm able to do so many more activities without worry of debilitating pain to follow.  Eight months into training with Shari, I could not be happier with the results I am experiencing and look forward to continued improvement.

-G. Levy, Del Sur, CA

I have worked with Shari for several years and her integrated approach is one that I have not found anywhere else,  In a single appointment, Shari utilizes a variety of methods from assisted stretching to deep tissue massage to intricate tendon/ligament work to get to the root of the "problem" spots and often to keep problems from occurring.  With Shari's help, I have been able to log larger and more consistent training blocks which equates to faster and more enjoyable racing and workouts.  One of the biggest added benefits with Shari's work is that she arms you with enough knowledge to "self medicate" and work on the problem spots yourself in between appointments.  Bottom line: Shari's expertise and integrated approach will keep you doing what you love and really isn't that what it's all about???

-L. Sand, Solana Beach , CA

"Shari has been my personal trainer and massage therapist for over 10 years. At the age of 40 she guided me to the fulfillment of my goal to run a marathon and she did it keeping me injury free.  The balance of our strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training, along with therapeutic bodywork is the main reason I continue to reach my fitness goals year after year.  Through Sharing of her fitness and bodywork knowledge, I am able to apply our work together on my own outside of